Wisdom of Great Investors Infographics

The wisdom of great investors.

— "We want to help people navigate an ever-changing stock market environment and build long-term wealth."

the greatest of the great

I was contracted by a PR agency in New York that had a client (Davis Funds) that wanted to do something different. Not just different for difference sake, but different for them, their industry and their customers. They wanted to capture the best nuggets of wisdom from successful investors and somehow make this easy to understand for the average investor. 

the devil in the details

Design to the rescue. We landed on creating a campaign of infographics that would focus on the wisdom of each investor; Warren buffet, Ben Graham, Charlie Minger, John Galbraith, Peter Lynch and Shelby Davis. They gathered all of their assets together and then I designed a suit of 6 infographics.


Custom illustration and infographic design.

  • Illustration
  • Design and layout