Video Ad Streaming

Streaming is believing.

— "Let's show the Adtech industry how cool it is to stream a video ad."


When brands make video ads, their creative and media agencies spend weeks uploading and downloading those ads to get them on every screen. Extreme Reach created the Ad Cloud to handle the pesky business of getting ads on to every screen. Now agencies and their partners simply send a link and their ad streams from the Ad Cloud platform perfectly formatted for every screen.

streaming truly is believing

How do you "show" someone that an ad is streaming? We all watch Netflix and stream music from Spotify - no one wonders how it works, it just works. That's the beauty of Extreme Reach's ad platform. But convincing people to change their embedded workflows can be quite dificult. So we built a personalized email campaign to show our customers how easy it is to stream.  


I developed a customized email template to publish a unique email to 26k people, each with a specific video ad and a unique landing page, called from personalized tokens in a database of contacts.

  • Personalized email programming
  • Database devlopment
  • Custom HTML landing page
  • VAST Tag and XML scripting
Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 1.47.59 PM.png

26K contacts. 113 Unique groups. 78 custom video tags. 

CMO: How can we show a specific video to groups of people?" Me: Good question! Um, maybe email them? CMO: OK, so how do we send a video inside of the email? Me: Oh shit, um, dunno.

It began with data.
Lots and lots of data.

We knew we needed to reach specific customers, who worked at specific agencies, on specific teams. Here's how we did it:

  • Gathered the database together and assigned each contact customized tokens like {{contact.vsc_video_id}} and {{contact.vsc_brand_name}}
  • Designed HTML email template with the customized tokens
  • Created a landing page template that dynamically generated when the user clicked on the email
  • The landing page streamed the video ad from the Extreme Reach Ad Cloud (along with the VAST id, brand name and other specific customer details)

Landing Page

Email Campaign