2-Page Creative Resume Template

2-Page Creative Resume Template


Simple and Clean 2-Page Resume Template for Creatives

As a Creative Director I see a lot of resumes from both individuals and recruiters. What I have learned over the years is that an employer cares less about your own style and more about how your style with fit with theirs. They are looking for experience, know-how, and expertise all laid out in clean and well crafted content design. Images, graphics, pictures and clever infographics are very popular with designers but often unnecessary from the point-of-view of the employers. I built this template with all that in mind. It's a design created for you to stand out with nothing but simple and clean design and absolutely no clutter.

What you get in this product:

Originally designed with Adobe Illustrator, I adapted the layout to include Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign and Google Docs — all with Letter and A4 International sizes. Each file is designed with margins set to print perfectly on inkjet and laser printers (or professionally on Indigo, etc).

Product includes:

  • Illustrator Resume (Adobe CC Cloud in both Letter and A4)
  • InDesign Resume (Adobe CC Cloud in both Letter and A4)
  • Microsoft Word Resume (designed using Office 365 Subscription in both Letter and A4 formats including doc and docx template)
  • Google Doc Resume (design in the cloud and share online!)
  • PDF (for previewing)

BONUS! Includes 15 icons:

  • Icons are editable in Adobe Illustrator
  • Each icon comes in 5 colors and 2 styles (enclosed and line)
  • All icons are exported as 300dpi PNG files in all 5 colors (140 png files total)
  • Pick your icon color and adjust the colors settings in your file to match

Easy to use:

  • After purchasing, download the zip file using the link
  • Install the free Google fonts Nunito Sans ( https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Nunito+Sans - also included in the fonts folder)
  • Open the file format of your choice and write in your new content
  • Use the replace image (Word and Google) or place (Illustrator and InDesign) the icon of your choice.
  • I recommend publishing and sharing your resume/CV as a PDF

Notes: This resume template was built with designers in mind. Your familiarity with any and all of the applications will impact the your resume design. Changing the content, as well as adjusting the styles and settings, will effect layout in all applications. The product is sold as-is with no refunds (since it's a digital product).

Contact me if you have any questions and I will get in touch immediately.

Happy designing!

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