Noche de Pasión Wine Branding

Noche de Pasión was born under the hot Argentine sun and celebrates lovers everywhere. 

— "I want people to know, if they buy this wine, they're getting lucky tonight."

que es vino tinto dulce?

Sweet wine is not an uncommon thing in Argentina. In fact the backbone of the early Argentine wine industry was the high yielding, pink skin grapes Cereza, Criolla Chica and Criolla Grande which still account for nearly 30% of all vines planted in Argentina today and often have noticeable sweetness. We knew this wine was sweet and sexy, but you don't want to over do it, remember, "El vino dulce a menudo hace agria a una mujer buena."


The design started in typical fashion but once we got the stylistic hook, the figurative elements of the label become more and more layered. Pulling different elements from the archive, layering pulp fiction references with decorative pastiche. The final layout is a dizzying whirlwind of so many different styles you almost feel like you got laid just holding the bottle in your hand.


This wine has a lower price point but is not cheap – because it's produced lovingly on an organic farm. The label needed to feel pricier but still be accessible, whimsical and fun.

  • 3,000 bottles (first bottling)
  • Completely organic: no pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or insecticides
  • Printed and bottled in Argentina