Amor Aerternus

Ahhh, love.

On our first trip abroad together, my wife and I went to Paris. So we thought let's be real romantic. We'll drink wine, eat baguettes, walk along the Seine... we'll go to an obscure old-school hidden print shop in the 20th arrondissment and have stuff printed on a Heidelberg press. You know, true love.

Letterpress de Paris

At LETTERPRESS DE PARIS they remain committed to the art of letterpress printing - hollows in the paper, imperfections, the smell of hand mixed ink. And speaking of paper, the paper that was used on our run cannot be bought in the USA. It's specific to the French region, not unlike a Vin Jaune or Le Cabaret de L'Enfer.

We worked with Jean-Frédéric Pouvatchy, one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. He loves, paper, printing and Paris. What's not to like about your printer who takes you to lunch to discuss the (struggling) art of letterpress printing over a plate of charcuterie and beer.


cody dennison