Extreme Reach Rebrand

The new way creative gets everywhere.

— "The video advertising industry is changing. New formats, new screens, new audiences… how do we connect them all? "

the big idea

The rebrand project for Extreme Reach lasted a little over 2 years. Since the larger project involved several different business units, 13 offices and over 800 employees… we decided to break the rebrand into 3 distinct sprints. The first sprint aligned all the business units under one framework, the second sprint involved overhauling our platform and consumer facing materials and the 3rd sprint revealed the final updated logo and all of the marketing materials that came out of that sprint (website, positioning, platform naming, core messaging, internal branding, etc).


Extreme Reach started in 2009 originally as a network that bridged radio and TV creative with the brands that made it and the teams that needed it. Over the past 10 years, Extreme Reach has added its talent business, production payroll and expanded into online video. Creating the brand that captured all of these different core businesses as well as all of the teams they serve was the ultimate a challenge. When to rename? Is it a rebrand or a brand refresh? What is our brand equity, our legacy? How will change be perceived in the market? These questions and many more nuances got us to the final goal — an abbreviated name and a new logomark.


A complete overhaul of the business brand identity. New designs for the logomark, logotype and combination marks. Full suite of marketing materials.

  • New logo design

  • New brand identity

  • Web development

  • Print design

  • Event production (custom booth creation)

  • Signage and interior design

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