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Hershey Fonts


In 1967, Dr. A.V. Hershey was working at the U.S. Naval Weapons Laboratory in Virginia; on some of the earliest digital representations of type: The Hershey Fonts. Hershey used the tools of his time, which likely meant operating room-sized computers on FORTRAN commands. His fonts are nothing like the digital fonts we know today — simple lists of coordinates, to be connected by straight lines, and displayed e.g. on cathode ray tubes. They might look crude; but certainly they were a remarkable achievement for their time. Given the limitations, it is amazing how comprehensive and elaborate Hershey’s designs are. A fair amount of alphabets was created; not only for Latin, but also for Greek and Japanese. A wide range of styles and variants was “drawn” too: Sans-Serif, Serif (including Italics and Ligatures), Script — even different styles of Blackletter exist. ~ From a fascinating Typecon 2015 presentation and extensive research by @frankrolf #typography #avhershey #hersheyfonts #FORTRAN #nowyouknow #design

cody dennison