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Whiskey Plates


The signifier and the signified. Driving under the influence in Minnesota, Ohio, and soon in Washington State will carry an added penalty of design. Much like Nathaniel Hawthorne’s, Scarlet Letter A, These programs will issue special license plates to drivers with DUI offenses. In Minnesota, DUI plates are referred to as "whiskey plates", whiskey being the name of the letter W in the NATO phonetic alphabet. Ferdinand de Saussure explained that a sign was not only an image but also a concept. He divided the sign into two components: the signifier (or "sound-image") and the signified (or "concept"). Today, we tend to think of the signifier as the form that the sign takes and the signified as the concept to which it refers. ~ wikipedia. #typography #ferdinanddesaussure #scarletletter #whiskeyplates #ohio #minnesota #washingtonstate #knowyouknow #design 

cody dennison