TurnTo’s mission is to socialize online commerce.

They build applications that combine social data, commerce data, and new and old ways of communicating to help shoppers make better decisions and to improve business performance for sellers. 

Application Design

The design process required that I collaborate with the programmers in real-time working inside an Intelligent Design Environment (IDE). As we were testing the product we were prototyping the UX directly in the browser. One of the best outcomes designing in this way was that it really allowed me to learn CSS and coding practices I hadn't had access to other projects.

Website Design

In addition to designing the UI/UX for the app, I created the initial website. We developed the website to be future-proof — knowing that a very large number of users would join and making sure their experience was as easy to manage as possible was our number one priority.

Icon Design

To TurnTo, social commerce means real-world relationships and direct connections between shoppers, because relationships and connections are the foundation for trust. Creating an icon system that would match user actions was an interesting problem to solve; adding a friend, muting a friend, deleting a friend... so many choices how best to signify them all? Utilizing logo elements to signify actions ended up coming in handy.