PJ Wine Trip

"This trip will change you forever."

That's what Peter (PJ Wine's owner) said to me at JFK before we boarded our first leg of this wine buying European tour of 2014. Peter has been making this annual wine buying pilgrimage to Europe for almost two decades now. The faces of his entourage might change, as do the addresses, but the mission is always the same: find the best wines and drink them with the people who make them. There’s no other way to understand the terroir, the traditions, and the wine pairing possibilities without hitting the road and breaking bread with the people behind the vines.

"You can add DP to your title now."

For this trip I packed up a camera kit and hit the road filming every visit to each winery, farm, resaurant and chateau we stayed in. We visited on average four (sometimes five) wineries a day, each day, for just about three weeks straight, starting around 9AM and finishing around midnight. We never stayed in the same bed more than one night. 


This series of videos was edited by my buddy Peter Calvin, a superb Brooklyn based artist and filmmaker.