Surround yourself with objects you love.

Think of 20 years sitting in a bar with your best friend eating chicken wings, talking, dreaming, scheming. That's what the Open Air Modern project really is: 3,800 pints, 7,200 chicken wings, a least 4 cases of whiskey, 3 different websites, 8 different business cards, bookmarks, matches, signs, tshirts, bags... all spanning things like, you know, the rise of social media, this new thing called CMS, and um, mobile phones.

Website Design

I designed the site, branding, bookmarks, banner ads, and signage for my buddy Matt Singer who set out at the dawn of the internet to create a mid-century design furniture showroom that would embrace his design philosophy and taste for great twentieth-century design, architecture, and books. If you find yourself in Williamsburg, Brooklyn you should stop by the showroom and grab a coffee at gimme! next door.