Castigada Wine Branding

It all began with some tango, bullfighting and an espresso on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. 

— "I want a name and a label that speaks to a time gone by."

naming & branding

When I met the owner over some espresso on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx he wanted to know how he could compete in a market already crowded with Argentine wine. We developed themes around the Tango. In the Tango the Castigada  — (from castigar - to punish) move is a punishment. A lofting of the lady's working leg followed by flexing at the knee and caressing the working foot down the outside of the supporting leg.

real (but) different

Castigada evokes a decisive position, a reflexive reaction to an embrace. But in our research we decided the Tango was too on the nose for the fruit forward wine. We turned this reaction on it's head by relating the dance move to bullfighting and creating an even more decisive image of action & reaction.


Two varietals (Cabernet & Bonarda). All printing done in Argentina so files need to be color corrected and film separated in USA before sending to print.

  • 3,000 bottles of Cabernet (2016)
  • 2,500 bottles of Bonarda (2016)
  • Printed and bottled in Argentina