Brooklyn Cider House Branding

In Brooklyn, before it was called Brooklyn, people drank cider there. 

— "Wanna' help create a Basque cider house in the heart of Brooklyn?"


BCH is a great project that is part cider, part restaurant and part upstate farm. Peter Yi is the visionary behind the project. After building an amazing reputation for selling Spanish wines in America, he turned his gaze on Cider. But not that bullshit cider you see in the beer aisle, we're talking real apples with no residual sugars... they way the Basque do it best. The way Brooklynites did it before the Battle of Brooklyn. What's the dutch word for hipster?


Part of the design involved desinging the actual product itself. Peter is a madman, he searched high and low to find apples made in New York that he could use for his particular Cider. We discovered that everyone making Cider in New York basically uses the same apple, the Northern Spy. But Peter wanted to take it all the way back, like before the temperance movement back, so he bought the farm (literally) and has started to reintroduce apple varietals that haven't seen New York soil in over 165 years.


This project was really a 3 year lifestyle. I was intimately involved in all aspects of the branding, product development and design, and launch of the cider in regional and national markets.

  • Logo design and development
  • Label design and system for marketing individual cuvées
  • Marketing and communication design