Senior Post

Keep it clean.

My buddy Josh Senior asked if we could sit down and talk about a concept he had for a business he was going to call Senior Post.

I've known Josh for a few years and have always admired his ambition and creativity. I immediately said of course, let's talk. We found some time to have a few Estrellas at SPAIN and he talked out what he wanted to do with his business and what he was looking for from a branding point of view. He knew he wanted something clean, that had the name in it, and had some figurative element that spoke to his post house services of editing, colorization and video production.

We landed on this logo after a few different concepts. The video player element of the scrubber made for a logical break between Senior and Post and allowed us to integrate the type directly into the logo.

Many, many Estrellas later (and several plates of patatas bravas) it worked out to be just what Josh had in mind.